Jingos – new BOLD crackers from Pepperidge Farm – Global product launch GroupShirting campaign

Jingos – Bold Flavor, Snappy Crunch

Ready for a bite? Uniquely crunchy crackers are always baked and are seasoned twice for an explosive taste every time! It’s Jingos!

A fun new way to snack from Pepperidge Farm.

I am really happy to announce that I become the part of the global crowdsourced marketing campaign for launching new JINGOS crackers made by well known Pepperige farm. Follow @JINGOS and @IWearYourShirt

There are 500, yes 500!!!, shirt-wearers all around the world on 2nd August
attending in #GroupShirting initiative to promote new product!

Task is simple!
Create buzz on social networks and publicly about brand new crackers JINGOS. Everyone received box of threee flavours of Jingos with T-Shirt and was reuqested to deliver photos, tweets, facebook posts, instagram photos etc. to let the world know that there are these new BOLD crackers coming to the market.

Check my „Jingos Beer Art Jingle“ which is inspired by Czech Republic and it’s beer culture

View video how I promote Jingos in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic?